Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peter Pan's Travel Aid

I've been reading other bloggers' travel adventures and travel preparation and it reminded me that when our three youngest were little, we traveled quite a bit with them. In fact, at that time we were attending a church one whole hour away from our home. We loved the church, but after an hour of listening to 'Mom, he's looking out my window!!!' , not to mention travel with a child who often got carsick, and being ready to tear my hair out after the hour drive, it was difficult to arrive at church in anything remotely resembling an attitude of worship. We eventually found a church closer to home.

On one trip out east, car sickness struck again. This time, I made up a song on the spot - one which you might find handy if you're ever in a similar situation. It certainly did lighten the mood and we survived the trip.
Here goes:

Sung to the Peter Pan tune of 'I Won't Grow Up,' ...
[Enlist the other kids to help with the echo.]

I won't throw up (I won't throw up)
I don't wanna puke in here (I don't wanna puke in here)
I don't wanna be disgusting (I don't wanna be disgusting)
And get vomit in my hair (and get vomit in my hair)
For throwing up will always be
A great big mess all over you and me...
I'll never throw up, never throw up, never throw up - NOT ME! (not I. Not ME!!)   :-)

P.S. Okay, I know this is bizarre. I actually have friends who put up with this weird sense of humor. :-)

P.P.S. Any tricks up your sleeve for traveling with bickering or carsick kids? 


Stacey said...

Now I know where your son gets it from...the funny song thing...I knew about the weird sense of humor. :D

Lots of Love-

Stacey said...

Oh, and as for a suggestion on traveling with kids...



Cranberry Morning said...

Hey, that's not my only talent: I can whip up a limerick out of nowhere in just seconds! :-)

Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

Deborah said...

Love the funny and weird post my friend and Stacey your 'Don't' travel comment is priceless and so funny! :D
P.S. My Friend, I do not think on any day of vomiting that there was in 17 years (and there were many) that James would have ever appreciated the vomiting song being sung to him by any tune whatsoever!!!! He could sing it now though. :D


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