Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meeting Another Blogger in Person!

Carla and boys

It was a real treat, while Bobby was here, to meet one of her real-life friends who just happens to be one of my blogger friends who, until then, was always an online presence only.  Carla from The River blog and her boys came to our house to see Bobby and so we could meet. Well, I know the boys were more interested in meeting Lionel, who has celebrity status at their house. Evidently they follow my blog for updates on Lionel!

Like everyone else who visits our house, Bridger was 'much bigger than we expected.' Also like everyone else, Lionel was 'much bigger than we expected.' I was glad they didn't make any comment about me in that regard.

Carla appeared with a cute basket of fall gourds and...a Ritter Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut bar! What a smart lady she is! (It's my all-time favorite!)  The boys carried a gift for Lionel, some cat treats. He will have to share them with Tuppence. They say 'thank you.'

It was great fun to have Bobby and Carla and boys here at the same time. Those kids are amazing - so nice, so fun, and so interested in my cats! I told the boys they could wander the house and do whatever they wanted, so they went upstairs in search of Lionel. I had warned them that Lionel is not sociable, so he would most likely hide from them. Sure enough, after they caught an initial glimpse of the scaredy cat under the fainting couch, Lionel vanished and they weren't able to spot him a second time. 

I promised Lionel to keep his hiding places secret.

'We have an arrangement. She doesn't disclose my hiding places and I let her sleep a few hours each night.' - Lionel

Thanks to Bobby and Carla and boys (who really do have names, and beautiful names at that!, but I felt uncomfortable naming them here) for making it a very special day!

Be sure to stop in at Carla's blog,  The River and also Carla's Etsy store, 'Studio 206' to see her great selection of beautiful photo cards. You'll love her autumn cards! Check out the Trick or Treat card. It's super cute!!


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Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit, happy for you.

MadSnapper said...

my sons wife had a cat that lived for 20 years, i only saw the tail and a paw now and then, Quee hid the moment strangers came. once they went out of town and i had to feed their cat. i worried if it was ok because i went once a day to check on her and make sure there was food and water, but never saw her. what fun to meet a blogger and family. and this is a super pic of Lionel

Amy Burzese said...

What fun to meet a cyberspace friend! That is a great photo of Lionel. He looks like a sweetie.

Unknown said...

I think it's so great when you get to meet someone you've only had contact with through the internet. There is no denying, the internet brings us all closer together!! And, by the way, that is a fantastic picture of Lionel!!

Parsley said...

That is so FUN! I've had the pleasure of meeting some bloggers and it's so encouraging to know good people really exist in both 'worlds'.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a lot of fun =)
Enjoy your day and the coming weekend!

Rachel said...

Hi Judy!! I've missed reading your blog. I have some catching up to do. That is so cool you got to meet another blogger, I have met a few in person too!!

Hope you are doing well!!

Empty Nester said...

That's so great! I hope we'll get to meet face-to-face one day too! The soaps arrived today- I'm off to the shower! :)

laurie said...

sounds like you had a really nice visit!

Chatty Crone said...

I love meeting bloggers - wish I could meet you! How is Lionel feeling? Disco's is under the bed. Glad you met some nice friends.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of friends and Lionel is precious. What a fun sounding time you guys had.

Carla from The River said...

Thank you for posting about our fun visit. Thank you so much for the lovely afternoon.

It was so good to see Bobby.

Thank you for posting a photo of our favorite cat too!

Under Her Wings said...

I am so excited to see Carla "face to face," along with her boys. She follows my blog (when I write) and I follow hers (when I get a chance to read blogs.) I hope to meet both of you someday. If not before heaven, I hope the Lord allows us to meet those from the past whom we always desired to meet.

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a lovely post. How nice you were able to meet face to face with Carla and her boys. It sounds like you had a great visit. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Blessings...Mary

Lois Christensen said...

How nice for YOU! Glad you enjoyed your visit!

Angie Vik said...

I had the privilege of meeting Carla and her good-natured boys last winter. They are a really nice family and it was treat to meet her in person. Glad you had the treat as well.

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, what fun to meet Carla!!! I'm jealous of you both for meeting the other! And I'm still on a mission that one or the other of us going to get across that pond between us some day ... :)


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