Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

We spent yesterday in Harper's Ferry, WV, one of my favorite places.  Harper's Ferry stands at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, and is the point at which three states meet - West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. A train came rumbling past while Kevin and Soren were walking across the bridge from Harper's Ferry to Maryland Heights. The footbridge is actually part of the same bridge, so it gets pretty loud and a little scary to a 3 year old. But he loved it nevertheless!

Right here is where the two rivers meet, and you can see the old bridge pilings. Harper's Ferry is where, in 1859, John Brown, the abolitionist, raided the armory and was subsequently captured by Lt. Col. Robert E. Lee. He was later tried for treason and hanged. Harper's Ferry also played a part in the Civil War when the Confederate General Robert E. Lee captured the town in order to secure his supply line before heading into Pennsylvania. Harper's Ferry changed hands several times during the Civil War, but that's not the subject of this blog. What attracts me is the natural beauty - well, and the trains and bridges.

Looking at the tunnel through Maryland Heights. It is a beautiful sight, and I think that over the years I've taken hundreds of photos of these bridges and that tunnel.

I read that each day somewhere between 40 and 50 freight trains pass through that tunnel. It's always very exciting! well, to me anyway.

 Kevin, Soren, and Anna walking along the C&O Canal on the Maryland side of the Potomac.

Part of the canal, looking south toward Virginia

Harper's Ferry, the little hillside town, known mostly for John Brown's raid and for its strategic importance during the Civil War. The Battle of Harper's Ferry was in September of 1862.

Anna in front of the fire station, site of the 1859 capture of John Brown.

Another beautiful view. Looking through the wood train trestle toward the Catholic church on the hill.

 Kevin and Soren on the Appalachian Trail

We got very close to the heron that was standing in the water under the bridge.

This was taken just after Soren discovered a bloody, detached hand, lying among the flowers. The restaurant had decorated for Hallowe'en. I think it was Gpa who pointed it out to him. Isn't this look  priceless!

Harper's Ferry in the evening. You're looking eastward with the hills of Maryland on the left and Virginia on the right.

One last look at the amazing bridges, after which my dog Bridger was named. When we were here in 2001, I had just spoken for my little GSD puppy, and couldn't wait to get home and pick him up. While here, I decided to name him Bridger. Kevin said I couldn't name a dog Bridger, but it was my puppy and I was going to name him after the bridge or after the train at Harper's Ferry - and what kind of stupid name is Trainer!  :-) and just in case you don't remember Bridger, he's over there>>>>>>on my sidebar.


Unknown said...

I LOVE the surprised look picture!! How cute! Actually, all the pictures are lovely. As always, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it! Looks like it was a beautiful day. Wishing I could be there today, as you check out Patrick Henry.


(Too lazy to log into my blogger account to comment...)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, and Soren's face is priceless! BTW Now I will have that lovely song "John Brown's body lies a molding in his grave" (is that really how it goes???) in my head for a while! :-P ;-)

Denise said...

I love the look on Soren's face, lol

J_on_tour said...

The surprised look photo is amazing. A nice varied post with interesting information. The railway line reminds me greatly of the western end of the North Wales coast.... & that set me off comparing it to towns and villages in the Snowdonian area. You did well to get the Heron shot, they always fly away when I'm around...wonder why ?!!

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures they are beautiful! I haven't been there since I was a teenager but I've been wanting to go back.

Rachel said...

I keep adding to my list of places I need to visit every time I visit your blog!! Love the pictures. I love tunnels and old bridges!

So, did you watch the Pure Country trailers? Did you break out in hives hearing country??


Judy S. said...

Great photos, Judy. I think we've been to the canal before, at least your photo sparked a memory. Aren't herons beautiful? Cute photo of your GS. Looks like you're having a fun trip.

Deborah said...

Hi My friend, Beautiful photos as usual. I will also say you were lucky to get so close to the heron, as they fly away when I come near too. We have many out on the pond. It looks like your week has been spectacular. I miss you and will be glad when you arrive home. :)

partialemptynester said...

Oh, you make me seriously laugh out loud when I think of you and Kevin arguing over dog names...and what a stupid name is trainer? Crack me up! I think I would have asked you where you came up with a name like Trainer, but Bridger? I have a niece named Bridget and we have all sorts of variations of that name...however, I think in the beginning I did have a hard time remembering Bridger was a boy, since I equated the name to Bridget...

I thoroughly enjoyed ALL the pictures and the history behind them...I esp like the very first one of hubby and grandson, Soren's expression and the explanation you gave regarding the noise brings to mind so many adventures that God takes us on while holding our hand, knowing that if he didn't, it would be more scary than fun, but holding our hand gives us that needed comfort to make the adventure don't go telling Kevin that I compared him to God in that picture, he might get a bit too big for his britches, lol!!!

I also, of course, LOVE the one of Soren discovering the bloody hand!!!!! What a moment to capture!


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