Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Chores, Indiana and Texas

He was determined to clean the snow off the yard.

 Looks like an exhausting project, doesn't it!

(Their first snow of the season in Indiana.)


And we get to see this little guy next week! We'll be off to Indiana, having lined up a dog/cat sitter. 

This is when we take a closetful of Daughter's things to her - things that never quite left our house. I wonder if my missing sheet music is in that closet.

I'm so glad I've got my Kindle to take along for the drive to their house. Obviously, I'm not the one driving, but I am great at reading aloud! Now I just have to get my husband to want to listen. LOL

Thought you also might enjoy the photo that she emailed to me today:

 Hey, it could prove to be a useful skill ?

His mama wrote, 'As a responsible parent, this is the point where I'm supposed to Have a Talk With My Child, rather than laugh and take a picture, isn't it? Oops...[We] did discuss it after we finished giggling; but he was so PROUD that he'd realized the circumference of the baby carrot was the same as his nostril!'


Christmas Past - 2011 maybe

I Skyped with the other daughter (see photo above) last night. She told me that over the weekend she and her husband had put up the Christmas lights along the eaves of their house. They were on the roof, she lying on her belly and he hanging onto her ankles as she reached over the edge, stapling the lights to the eaves. I told her she must really trust him! He had told her that he would hang onto her, but if they both started sliding off, she was on her own. LOL  Sure wish I had a photo of the two of them on the roof. Unfortunately, no neighbors took a photo, or if they did, they didn't email it to me. :-)


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Terri D said...

Trying to picture those two on the roof, now! LOL Glad no one was hurt!

Don't all kids put things in their noses (after they stop putting everything in their mouths)? Very cute picture, and I know you are looking forward to seeing that little guy!

Cleaning all the snow out of the yard would be a huge job, and we all know it will become even bigger as winter moves in! Cute!!

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

The picture of the little (and proud) guy with the carrot up his nose had me sitting here giggling! I remember the time Brandon was little and playing Bingo with my mom at her house. She had a set with wooden bingo chips and called me from the emergency room to report that my son had a bingo chip stuck up his nose! The funny thing was his older sister sat and watched him do it. Lovely. Lol!

Susie said...

Oh this is a funny post. I love the photo of the little one shoveling the yard. Bless his heart, he was trying. Have a safe trip to visit your daughter.xoxo,Susie

Muffy's Marks said...

You sure have an adventurous lot!! Love the hanging on the roof story, it would have made a great photo op!!! Enjoy that little guy next week!!!

MadSnapper said...

thanks for the heads up, if we see a youtube viral video of a woman and man hanging off a roof, we can say Hey We know them.. to funny. glad the carrot was not a crayon.. when Daniel was 4 and in vacation Bible school, they came to get me and said he put a red crayon, or a piece of one up his nose. a trip the the doctor to remove it. have fun and stay safe and enjoy your family.

MadSnapper said...

love the cleaning the snow.. kids are so determined

Bossy Betty said...

Those nostrils are certainly handy for carrying snacks, aren't they!

TexWisGirl said...

laughed at both stories. :)

Jean | said...

Well, at least the carrot was large enough to not get "lost." My mother told me I went through a phase of putting things up my nose--string, dried beans, etc--when I was very young. She had to take me to the doctor once for some sort of "cold" and the doctor discovered a stray bean way back in there!

I'm so jealous! I keep discovering more people who have that marvelous ability of reading in the car. Can't do it. Makes me soooo sick!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

HI Judy Neat way to carry your snacks!!!

podso said...

What a visual there, that last story you tell! Oh to be young! I'd say that young grandson may be on his way to a career in science or math!

Hope you have a wonderful time! And I also read aloud in the car! At least he can't fall asleep!

Carla from The River said...

Hi Judy,
I hope you have a great trip.
If you ever need a pet sitter, my boys would love to help.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Vee said...

Aren't you glad that they share the scary stuff AFTER the fact! LOL Omigosh, that little one clearing the should put a sentiment on it and sell it! It is priceless! Not sure about the lad with the carrot up his nose...hahahahahaha...

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Would have liked to see that eaves hanging feat!(feet) -lol

Have fun at your daughter's house, Judy. I am the driver in our family so MyHero reads to himself and I listen to music (as long as it is not too loud and doesn't interfere with his "concentration".

Love the carrot up the nose-so much better than a finger!;>) xo Diana

Chatty Crone said...

You have a great family - don't you wish they all lived close - I sure do. And my daughter put a raisin in her nose and we had to go to the doctor! Have fun and if you figure out how to get him to listen let me know. Seriously HAVE FUN and be safe. sandie

Pamela Gordon said...

What great pictures! I love the antics of the little ones but the antics of the bigger ones are pretty scary and risky!! I'm glad they didn't slip off the roof! Lucky you getting to visit with your grands. I hope you have a great trip. Pam

RURAL said...

I had to laugh at the thought of hanging off of the roof. I trust my husband totally, but someone has to draw the line somewhere, and the roof line is good for me.

Funny pics of your grands.


Mama Hen said...

Have a great time! Love the pictures! I can't wait to have some snow to go sledding with my baby! :) That other picture is so funny! Have a wonderful trip!

Mama Hen

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

The Christmas light installation sounds a bit fraught... And I guess we'll have to wait for carrot sniffing to make its way across the pond and catch on in the UK! Fabulous post.

bj said...

Oh, my....children,
what would we do without them???
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with that little fella...the one with the carrot up his it.

Unknown said...

LOL.. great pictures, Judy, thanks for sharing! And enjoy your visit with your daughter and her family!!!

Angie's Recipes said...

LOL...the boy was having fun...and that's more important.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Donna said...

Thank you for the morning chuckles this morning! It was all funny, but I especially loved: "Now I just have to get my husband to want to listen." hahahaha!!!!!

Cynthia said...

The hanging on the roof story, is a hoot. Would've been some picture. My husband would say the same thing to me, LOL!!! Enjoy your lovely time with your family. The picture with him and the snow, PRICELESS!


Samantha said...

Noooo, SNOW!!!!!!!!

J_on_tour said...

I'd love to read in the car to pass the time & get through books but it gives me a headache.

Looks like he thinks he's a snowman with a carrot in his nose. Thankfully it's nothing smaller as you be amazed by the things I've seen pulled out of children's noses & throats at my place of work !!
… besides, it gives me a headache :-)


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