Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ahhhh, That Morning Coffee!

How I love to awaken to the sound of the coffee grinder! That means that my dear husband has awakened before me and that coffee will be ready when I go downstairs if I lie in bed just a few minutes longer. What a bum I am! Actually, we're both hopelessly early risers, and I am often the one who makes the coffee in the mornings. Still, it's a real treat to hear the grind, grind, grind, as Kevin turns the handle exactly 54 times to get just the right amount for our coffee pot.

The coffee grinder pictured above is one we had on the farm when I was a kid. I don't remember that my mother used it, so maybe it was just an antique we had lying about - like the stereoscope and all those 3-D cards my mom threw out, or the old crank telephone which I was happy to take off their hands and which now resides in our living room.

It's Saturday morning. My husband had a long drive home from Madison last night, so I was the first one up today. It's quiet in here. The dogs have been out, fed, out again, and have now settled into their favorite spots for their morning naps. And I've got my coffee. 

Here's my coffee with Half 'n'Half. What would my morning coffee be without it. That rich color, that mellow taste, aahhhh. In fact, it's the only coffee I dare drink during the day, if I plan to get any sleep at night. No matter how much I would enjoy drinking coffee with friends in the afternoon, lying awake totally wired at 3 A.M. is extremely annoying. So for me, caffeine is only for mornings.

As you can see from the size coffee mug I use, I don't have to worry about getting my fair share.

So are you a coffee drinker? Tea drinker? or maybe you drink Diet Coke in the morning. Shudder.


Deborah said...

It would be coffee of course...mixed with some herbal for me. It was drink part herbal or quit coffee altogether and the thought of that was too much to bare. I never did the half and half thing BFF got me started, by one day asking me if I wanted to try it in my coffee. I did and loved it. :) (by the way I have been wanting for a while to use the letters BFF and now I did.) :D I used to have a coffee grinder like your's and I sold it. I wished I hadn't done that as many times I have wanted to grind my own coffee beans. I do have a little electric grinder but it is so messy to use. Any way I love to drink coffee with friends even if it has to be just in the morning. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

BFF?? Oh yeah, I know...BAD FOOLISH FRIEND. ;-)
And I just had my morning coffee. Am looking forward to coffee with my friend tomorrow!


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