Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Walking the Dogs

There's nothing like going for a walk with my dog. Actually, Kevin snapped this just as Bridger and I were walking up the drive toward our house. As you can see, it's a foggy day, and that's why I'm wearing the bright white lab coat over my jacket. The thought was, that if I wore just my black jacket, I would blend in too easily with the black pavement. It did occur to me that with my white lab coat someone might simply mistake me for another big snowbank, but I wasn't sure what else to do to be safe. Maybe if I had one of those bright orange 'Slow Moving Vehicle' signs, I could duct tape that to my back.

It is wonderful to be outdoors again after hibernating for most of January and February. It's not a pretty time of year, cuz this is when the snow looks its dirtiest and all the bones and junk the dogs drag onto the yard, not to mention the 'land mines' they've deposited during the cold winter, reappear for the world to see. Definitely a sloppy time of year. Still, all we need is for the snow to melt and to get a few drying days. Then I can rake the yard and things just get better and better from there.

Unlike using the treadmill or a stationary bike (what I call 'artificial exercise,') walking on the road is also so invigorating for me. I love the smell of the cool, fresh, damp air. I love looking at the neighbors' fields, the craggy oaks, and the creek that runs through our land. Yesterday I saw two eagles out in a field, snacking on a deer carcass. I even love the beauty of some of the old, rundown buildings. I'm not sure why I think they're beautiful, but I know I'll be sad when they finally collapse and then disappear from the landscape.

And, of course, Bridger and Misty just love getting their walks in. It's one thing to have the entire backyard and snowy alfalfa field to play in, but when they're on lead they get to go down onto the road, which is ever so much more exciting!

Maybe if I stick with this new walking routine, I won't be getting so many e-mails whose subject line is 'Get Rid of Belly Fat.' What??!! Who are these people??? and why are they peeking into my windows???


Deborah said...

I love this photo of you and Bridger. It actually looks like there is a mountain range behind you and you are off to places unknown. I notice that you both have on a heavy coat. :D You are so blessed to have seen 2 eagles. I LOVE those birds and get so excited when I see one. The last paragraph made me laugh...you get those e-mails too?? By the way, your inquiring friend wants to know...did Misty get a good walk today?? :D

Cranberry Morning said...

...and yes, Misty's #1 fan, she did get a walk too. When we go for walks, Kevin always takes Misty and I take Bridger. Kevin had just gone into the house to get the camera. Just ask Misty. :-)


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