Friday, March 5, 2010

To Make or Not to Make - the Bed

So you see, there's a reason I didn't get the bed made this morning after I got up. I do love the look of a made bed, and I know that an unmade bed makes the entire room look messy. But really! who could disturb that wonderful cat and tell him he has to go find somewhere else to lounge!

Lionel spends the good part of every night on my pillow. Occasionally, he even makes room for me to lay my head there...occasionally. And he's got this licking habit. I'm told that it's a cat's greatest compliment to us. I'm not sure I like getting that many compliments. When I finally can't stand it any longer, I put my hands under the covers. Lionel responds by putting his paw on my chin. My husband says it's a sign of ownership. Oh come on! I think he's just jealous - my husband, that is. :-)

Later this morning, when I go to our bedroom to pick up another load of clothes to throw into the washer, I'll check to see if Lionel is ready to give up his spot.

Actually, the temperature is supposed to get to the mid-forties today, so it would probably be a great day to strip the bed and hang those sheets out on the line.

Besides, I love the fragrance of sheets fresh from the sunny outdoors! Mmmmmm


Deborah said...

Love the photo of Lionel. He is very handsome and it would be easy to spoil him I'm sure. Did you get your sheets out on the line? This year I want an outside line to hang clothes. I too love the smell of sheets dried outdoors. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Yes, I did get those sheets washed and hung on the line. They certainly should have the fresh-air smell to them, for I left them there overnight! A couple hours of sunshine this morning will finish drying them. If only for drying sheets, an outdoor line is worth having!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy - just spoke to Bobby and we were speaking of your it. And yes I too love the smell of coffee in the mornings - although I'm a tea drinker first thing....Scott occasionally drinks coffee but more often than not has diet coke....he isn't a tea or coffee drinker for the most part - and Matthew is following suit....eeeeeek....hopefully I'll convert him one day!! keep up the good work - love reading your blogs.

Lorraine Erickson said...

OK so for some reason it calls me "anonymous" ha, ha....I'll try again and give it my name....then you won't have to piece together who is writing to you ha, ha!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Hi Lolly! Welcome aboard! :-) I've tried to be a tea drinker, and I love 'English Breakfast' and 'Yorkshire Gold,' but I think once we threw all that English tea overboard into the Boston Harbor way back when, we've kinda lost the genetic code for Tea Drinking. ;-) You'll have to make me a real English cup of tea sometime. I'll give it another try.

Actually, just the other day I was online looking for a really cute tea cozy. I figured if I could get my teapot to look more British, maybe it would set me in a better mood for tea. :-)

Lolly Erickson said...

Yes maybe so.....I do like nice strong tea - none of this Liptons stuff YUCK.....oooh and don't get me started on iced tea DOUBLE YUCK!! Anyways I think I'll have to send you some Irish tea if you like stronger stuff....that's my favorite - the Irish do make a nice cup of tea.

Cranberry Morning said...

Lolly, maybe that's my problem with tea, that I don't let it steep long enough! I do certainly like stronger flavors. I'll try it. I've never had Irish tea. Look forward to it! Thanks. :-)


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