Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Travel Diary of Samuel Peeps Day Nine

A little after 9:30 AM, we said our goodbyes to Angie and Gus at our guest house in Grapevine, and left for Wisconsin. It has been wonderful to have the past week with them!

We're hearing that there's a snowstorm forecast for tonight and tomorrow. We're hoping to stay ahead
of it. Bought fuel and got on the road.

Oklahoma is beautiful, but I don't think I'd want to try to garden in that red clay!

I gained a different (and much better, I might add) attitude toward Kansas this time driving through.

We passed through immense grazing country,
something like 4 million acres of land in the Flint Hills, on which a million head of cattle graze! Of those, several hundred thousand head of cattle are trucked in from all over the Southwest to graze during the growing season. This is a high, vast plateau. In every direction, as far as we could see, was grazing land. We couldn't stop long enough to get a photo, but I pulled this one from the internet. You can see that it is later in the season. What we saw was brown grass.

I got a phone call from Joe mid-afternoon, wondering if I knew where the cookie sheets are. Evidently he's baking chocolate chip cookies for his all-night party guests. He also wanted to know what time we were planning to be home. That's always not a good sign. :-) Actually, he's always managed to get the house cleaned up by the time we've returned from a trip so that it looks great when we arrive. I hear that today he drove to town to buy pop, leaving one of his friends to vacuum the house. Smart boy! :-)

We arrived near Kansas City about 5 PM. I think we're about half way home. The manager of Waffle House, next to our Super 8, told us they're expecting 2-4 inches of snow tonight with 4 more tomorrow. We're hoping she's wrong.

Quick note Saturday morning:
Yep, we got the snow last night and are already hearing reports of accidents on the freeway. So, we're heading home on a freeway filled with drivers who aren't used to driving in snow. I'm glad for the sovereignty of God.


Deborah said...

Hi my friend, I would like to amend my last request to you of "hurry home my friend" to "my friend, don't hurry, watch out for drivers that are spinning around on the road...also DON'T, I repeat DON'T, bring any snow back with you." That is a direct command. (Tee Hee) I have gotten quite used to seeing brown/green ground and I can't take any white at all after the nice weather we have had. :D Samuel looked very annoyed sitting on the dirty gas pump, but seemed to look a lot better after he jumped up on the outside mirror of the car. I hope you remembered to put him inside. Have a good day my friend. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

I'll have to admit that the photo of Samuel on the car was BEFORE the storm. When we went out to get in the car, it was covered with ice and snow. We had nothing but a coat hanger to try to clear it away. Another driver, also staying at Super 8 and taking pity on us, handed us her ice scraper. She was in the Kansas City area for a wild bird auction!...and she was from Chippewa Falls, WI


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