Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Survey 2010, Part One

I had to get out with the camera, to take a spring survey of sorts. I love to see how everything is doing after the covering of snow is gone! One of my favorite daily activities is taking the dogs for a walk, doing our laps around the alfalfa field to the north of our house. I am so thankful that our forecast for the entire week calls for temps in the 50s. With our snow gone, walks around the field are definitely on the daily schedule.

We start out heading toward the top of our hill. Often, in the warmer days of spring or summer, Kevin and I will throw a camp chair over the shoulder and walk to the top of the hill, so we can sit and talk while enjoying the beautiful view we find in all directions. Bridger and Misty always accompany us.

In this picture, Bridger is, as usual, trying to engage Misty in dog play. Bridger at nine years old, is still acting like a puppy. Misty has been pretty serious ever since we got her from the shelter when she was three years old.
She is a sweet and loyal dog, but wishes that Bridger would simply act his age!

Near the top of the hill, I snapped a picture of our view to the southwest. I love the mixture of evergreens, oaks, birch, and maples - even before they leaf out! We get kinda crazy about spring around here, for our winters are so long.

As they emerge from the soil, all bits of green growth are met with praise and thanksgiving. Still, I am mostly looking forward to the asparagus and daffodils! Unlike tulip bulbs, daffodils don't seem to be among the rodents' favorite meals. And thank you, Lord, for daffodils. They're so perky and cheering!

As I was inserting the picture of our old barn, I was reminded of Sesame Street's 'Which of These Things Doesn't Belong Here?' song. But I love this old barn and had to snap the photo. Rob and Joe spent many hours throwing tennis balls at this poor old barn, in order to practice their catching skills. It would be nice to get the barn restored before it's too late. From what I hear, however, it would be a very costly project!

Have you noticed any encouraging signs of spring in your backyard?


Deborah said...

I have always loved the view from your house. The tress are so beautiful and no matter where you look it is restful to the eye. The signs of spring at our place would have to be the migration of the birds on the pond. I do have some flowers popping their heads up too. I love this time of year. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

I think the migrating birds you get there trump just about anything else that's a springtime reminder.

dänika said...

This is what cheered me up the most, heralding Spring:

I'm so, so, soooo happy that Spring is here. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Your crocus photo is amazing, Dänika! I love the color!


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