Friday, March 12, 2010

The Travel Diary of Samuel Peeps - Day One

I cannot believe how much stuff I end up taking for a 10 day trip to see our daughter and son-in-law. Good grief! We packed less to go to England for 16 days! BUT, as you know, it's that time of year when you don't know if it's going to be cold or hot, rain or snow (well, maybe not snow, but cold rain). So you have to pack some of everything. Very strange.

Not only the clothes, but just my wool Wigwam socks take up lots of space! and there are the books (pl.) and Bibles and CDs and DVDs and notebooks and pens and Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate With Hazelnut bars and peanuts and almonds that have to be packed too. I have to take the camera, water bottles, and coffee mug (I can't stand to drink out of styrofoam!! so I always take my Longstreet mug). And there's a great leftover green salad we'll eat on the way so we don't come home to a slimy, furry bag of goo at the back of the refrigerator. There's absolutely no point in leaving salad for Joe.

Of course, the dogs know that something's up and they've been acting a little odd, almost sad, all afternoon. I always hate leaving them. Yes, I'll miss Joe too, but Joe likes it that we're going to be gone!! and the dogs don't. (The dogs don't plan parties.) Okay. There's plenty of pizza and other junk food in the house for Joe, and a new bag of wheat-free, corn-free dog food for Bridger and Misty. Nutritionally, I'm sure my dogs eat better than Joe. But that's another story, and I am truly not at fault here, although I'm sure he'd argue. :-)

Reminded Joe to keep the dogs' water dishes full and to scoop Lionel's and Tuppence's litter boxes at least once a day. Oh, and fresh water daily for the cats as well.
What am I going to do when Joe leaves home??? Is there really any reason why he can't live here until he's 40? It's not against the law.

So...I think we're all set now and on our way.

...and Joe is rejoicing.

Well, actually, he's sleeping.


Deborah said...

Good-bye my friend I will miss you. Enjoy your visit and I hope you get to do all the things you shopping for collage stuff. Is Samuel going with you?? I did not know that he wanted to travel before the holidays. Goes to show you that those Peeps just won't stay put. :D Have fun!!! Hi Angie.

Heide at ApronHistory said...

Have a fun and safe trip! Driving is much more fun than flying! :) Especially if you don't have to do the acutal driving and can just sit back and watch the sencery and knit! Heidi

Stacey said...

Drive Safely! Give Angie & Gus our love. I'll try to update my blog before you get back... :D

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks,Ladies. :-) Samuel seems to be a good traveler. And Kevin is amazingly cheerful for all the driving he has to do! I'm afraid I didn't even think to bring knitting along. That would have been a good idea. As it is, I read and read and read...and eat peanuts! Look forward to reading your blog, Stacey! :-)


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