Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recipe - Stax Tuna Boats Gluten-Free

Okay, this is simple to the point of being almost ridiculous, but here's a quick protein snack to feed the kids when they think they're starving mid-afternoon, or when you want a quick, light supper.

Turn the broiler on to 400.

Spray the broiler pan lightly with a gluten-free cooking spray.

Lay 8 Stax Potato Chips out singly on the broiler pan.

Spoon a rounded tablespoonful or more of tuna onto each chip.

Slice cheddar cheese into strips and place a strip of cheese onto each tuna chip, lengthwise.

Put green olive slices on cheese strip.

Broil these little tuna boats for a few minutes. Keep an eye on them, because this takes hardly any time at all. When the cheese is melted sufficiently, remove the broiler pan from the oven. Now, place another Stax chip under each tuna boat to stabilize it.

Serve. Each one is about two bites, so plan accordingly. I used a regular-size can of tuna to make 8.

These are surprisingly delicious and are good for you too!

Do you have a quick protein snack recipe? You can share it in a comment! :-)


Bethany Nash said...

My aunt gave me a great idea that I intend to try as soon as I feel better. She makes tuna or chicken salad, but instead of making it into a sandwich, she cuts a bell pepper in half, takes out the seeds, and puts all of her sandwich fixings in it. Sounds delicious.

Cranberry Morning said...

Sorry you're feeling icky. Dänika still isn't able to look pasta in the eye.

Your aunt's recipe sounds great, especially if that's a RED bell pepper! YUM

Deborah said...

It ALL sounds good as I am starved. (I realize that word is relative) It is almost 7:00 p.m. and I am just eating supper. Thanks for the recipe. :)


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