Monday, March 15, 2010

The Travel Diary of Samuel Peeps Day Four

Daylight Saving Time has begun. It's so odd, this switching back and forth. Now it's dark in the morning when we get up, but light so much later. I think I usually finally get adjusted to it some time in September.

We had a long discussion with Angie and Gus yesterday morning, then after Gus left for work, Angela and Kevin and I got in a 45-minute walk around the neighborhood. Half of it was on a walking-biking trail, so that was fun. We saw mistletoe clusters high up in the trees. It's so different here, with the woods, rather being oaks and maples and pines, seem to be some type of oak and lots of bracken.

So everyone's finally awake, and Kevin is in the kitchen making his 'full English breakfast' for him and Gus. :-)

Here are a few pics:


Stacey said...

Could you comment and expand more on the "Gus left for work" phrase? Just a little confused that he leaves for work, comes back for breakfast, and then is seen lying on the couch. :D

Have a great week!

Judy said...

If you will notice the word 'yesterday,' not to be confused with the present time, i.e. today. :-)

Stacey said...

Found this link for you and Samuel...

Deborah said...

Oh my, this YouTube video is so funny to watch...and I thought the Peeps had enemies when in fact the Peeps are the enemy. haahaa Samuel looks pretty harmless though. He must have had a change of heart. :)
It sounds like you are having a very enjoyable time with Angie and Gus. Is there any thing fun to do in the town where you are staying? (in the borrowed house.) Love the photos and I'll have to say Gus looked like he enjoyed relaxing on the couch. I always love the ones of Kevin with the girls. Have Kevin take one of you with Angie. :D Have a wonderful day.

Judy said...

Stacey, thanks for explaining the sinister look on Samuel's face this morning at our photo shoot. I also noticed that he was not in the same spot as where I had left him before going to bed the night before. Hmmm.

Deb, this is a great house for a vacation! I'll try to remember to have Kevin take a photo of Ang and me. :-)


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