Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go Fly a Kite, Joe!

It was a perfect March day for flying a kite. We all went to the hill north of the house to watch Joe fly his new kite. Evidently Bridger thinks he needs assistance.

Okay, so when it finally took a dive, Kevin, Bridger, and Misty ran down the hill to retrieve the kite.

Well, you can't expect the dogs to stay interested in kites forever when there are moles to deal with!

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Deborah said...

I like the story about kite flying. (Joe is still a kid at heart) When my kids were young I always bought them a kite to fly in the spring. I made sure they had tails on the string. They were always so excited to fly them and a few times the kites ended up somewhere that wasn't accessible for getting at them again but it was fun nonetheless. Scott has done the same thing with his own girls each spring.
Your photos are awesome of the kite in the beautiful blue sky. The dogs look pretty good too. :)


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