Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Travel Diary of Samuel Peeps Day Three

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! (Thank goodness!)

After about 20 hours in the car, we finally arrived in Denton, TX. Saw Angie and Gus's awesome apartment, took a walk around the Denton plaza, spent time at the used bookstore, stuffed ourselves at Chipotle (way too good!!), then drove on to some town south of Denton where our 'holiday cottage' awaited us.
Encountered a tragic sight when we came upon several rescue vehicles and a helicopter in the middle of the road. Evidently, someone was being airlifted to the nearest hospital after a car crash.

Did I say that we were staying at a holiday cottage? No, this is more like a holiday mansion! What fun we'll have spending a week at this place as our base! This is a beautiful home, not far from the airport.

It's such a treat to be in the land of no snow and warm temperatures, where the azaleas are in bloom, and where we can enjoy walking in the evenings.

The coffee's ready.

A few extra pics:

a) More Flood evidence, the Arbuckle Hills in Oklahoma:

b) Arbuckle (sp? Hills in OK

c) Oil well, one of many we saw, in OK

d) I counted 65 horses in this one pasture. What beautiful creatures!

Have a wonderful Lord's Day.


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Deborah said...

So glad you arrived and all is well. It sounds like it will be a marvelous vacation spent with those you love. (can't get any better than that)It is so nice to see the photos that you are taking along the way. Have a wonderful day. :D


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