Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Richmond, North Yorkshire, Doors

The coffee is brewing. I'm going to drink an extra cup today, for now they are thinking that coffee inhibits the formation of the proteins that cause plaques to form on the neurons of the brain. So drink up!! My coffee intake has to be before noon, for I do like to be able to sleep at night, rather than lie awake and wired at 3AM.

Sorry. I digress. This is Tuesday again, travelogue day. Today I'm posting photos I took of doors in the town of Richmond in North Yorkshire. I love the many interesting doors we found.

To begin with, Richmond is a stunningly beautiful town with an 11th century castle that stands high above the river Swale. Stone buildings, stone alleyways, and brightly colored doors are what first caught my attention. When you think about it, the primary colors used on the doors and window trim are some of the most distinguishing features of the otherwise quite homogenous, but beautiful, stonescape.

I think this bright blue door with its elliptical pebbled glass, its transom, and the little white roof above is my favorite. Isn't that just the most inviting door! It's almost tempting one to knock on the door and ask if tea's ready. Don't worry, I didn't.

We visited Richmond in March, an excellent time to have the place to ourselves and avoid the great hoard of tourists that descends later in the season. But imagine how beautiful it must be the end of May, when the trellises are full of flowers!

I think I need to buy a half gallon of paint and make our own entry door more inviting! It might also help to take down the 'Protected by German Shepherd Home Security System' and 'Yield to Pedestrians' signs.


Deborah said...

Hi my friend, I love these door colors...so cheery and inviting. I had a red door once on the front of the house. The paint color was called 'Chinese Red' and I really enjoyed looking at the door after it was painted. My grandma taught me not to be afraid of using bright colors. She wasn't afraid and her apartment always looked so bright and inviting. There was no boring beige or white walls for her. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

I remember gorgeous red walls you had also, and I loved them!

Unknown said...

I found you through Randomness with Rachel and was drawn to this post. What great doors. I live in Richmond, Va. :)


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