Monday, April 19, 2010

April Picnic

It was an unbelievably beautiful day, with summertime in April. We decided to have a picnic! Kevin grilled chicken, peppers, onions, and red potatoes for us. It was a delicious meal!

When she woke up from her nap, sweet little Jane became the table centerpiece. I still think that toy hanging down from the handle of the baby carrier would drive a child crazy - but then that's just me, I guess. ;-)

Misty lay under the table, ever hopeful that we'd drop a morsel of grilled chicken.

Although Bridger hates and fears flies, I took him out on a lead so he could be near us. He's still on the anti-inflammatory and still has poor control over his hind legs. The prognosis is encouraging, however. I'm told that most dogs recover from this disc problem. Maybe he will too, if I can keep his activity to a minimum while the swelling in the disc goes down, giving it time to heal.

Ever the guard dog, he likes facing away from the people he's protecting, keeping close watch over the perimeter. When Molly lay napping in the nook, Bridger stayed close beside her. When Kevin made friendly little clucking sounds at the baby, Bridger got very upset with him!

I'm sure that everyone but me is sick to death of daffodils, but I will never tire of them. They're in the pond garden, and they bloom before the surrounding trees have their leaves. Once the leaves are out, the area is mostly a shade garden.

Okay, so it's not a big pond - but I love it. I should be able to get the water hyacinths mid-May. Several snails wintered over, so with a few more snails and the water hyacinths, the pond should stay nice and clean all summer.  I'll take photos throughout the summer. It only gets better.

Below is pictured my dear and delightful young friend who periodically organizes some aspect of my life. I love it that she does this!  Today Kimmy overhauled two kitchen pantries. They look beautiful now! And I've got enough closets to keep her busy through several upcoming visits. ;-)

Oh. This is the 'before' picture. Now there is an entire shelf devoted to Kevin's stuff - chips, mostly, and hot peppers. Another shelf is only gluten-free foods. I can see everything on the shelves, unlike my refrigerator - and there's nothing stuffed in little nooks and crannies, as there had been! Go Kimmy!! What a woman! And she only has five children to take care of, so she's got ample time to organize my closets, right??

These last two photos are just thrown in for free.


Deborah said...

I love this post. How wonderful to have a real picnic in April AND get your cupboards organized. She needs to come more often. :D Kimmy, you have such beautiful children. Judy, can't wait to sit by the pond. :)

Bethany Nash said...

I LOVE daffodils.


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