Tuesday, April 13, 2010


On Saturday, I found myself at Michael's again, searching for another piece of my grand soapmaking puzzle - the nice cardstock for labels. I can hardly believe the rows and rows of beautiful papers, decorative cutters and punches, ribbon, beads, art supplies, etc. that rest on the hundreds of shelves in that huge store.

I'm sure that my parents in the '40's would never have imagined that such a store would exist, or could ever exist and thrive!  At that time, and in the '50's, anything they needed could be found at the Farmer's Store in Barron. If it wasn't there, or at the feed mill, or the farm implement dealer, they probably didn't need it.

Our family lived five miles south of Barron. When I was a child, we would 'go to town' a few times a week: twice on Sunday for church, once on Wednesday night for prayer meeting, and occasionally for groceries. We made the trip to faraway Rice Lake, 15 miles, to get school clothes in the fall and probably to do Christmas shopping. Now we 'run to town' because we decide we need Raspberry Tracks ice cream or we make a quick trip to Rice Lake because we're out of toner or copy paper. How times have changed!

I'm certain there wasn't one single scrapbook supply at the Barron Farmer's Store. There were tables full of bolts of fabric, I remember, for many women still sewed clothes for the family. Now, because it's impossible to find decent fabric in Barron or Rice Lake, I usually have to go to Eau Claire or beyond. And I'm not sewing out of necessity, but because I enjoy an occasional sewing project.

The Farmer's Store was amazing! Imagine being able to buy all the groceries, dry goods, and hardware you would ever need all in one trip to one location, and only five miles from home! Please don't tell me that WalMart Super Centers or Super Targets are the same. They're not. And during the days of the Farmer's Store, the goods we purchased were much more locally grown or produced.
There are days when I long for a return of the Farmer's Store.
P.S Here are a couple pics I took of some of my soaps today. I was experimenting with a strange piece of fabric I found in my closet. From the top, the soaps pictured are: Grandma's Kitchen, Incense Pleasure Patchouli, Peppermint Tea, Chocolate Almond Delight, Close Shave Vanilla, Field of Dreams Lavender, Just Peachy, Cucumber Aloe, Lemon Verbena, and Apple Peel.


Deborah said...

Love the post. Love the soap. Love the strange looking fabric next to the soap. I loved the Farmer's Store. The old stores definitely are not like a WalMart...not even close. :)

P.S. What I don't love is painting...but finally after 3 days I finished. Maybe I will post on my blog tomorrow. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, can you imagine anyone wearing that fabric on her back?? It's a knit shirt I bought at a weak moment, so very unlike most things I wear. My husband says my wardrobe consists of only khaki, olive, brown, and black. (and the problem IS??) So the fabric in the photo was just to prove I can wear something other than my favorite colors...at least once or twice. ;-)

Glad your neck-torturing painting is done. I look forward to seeing the finished product!


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