Tuesday, April 20, 2010

British History magazine

It's always nice to get my dad out on a beautiful, sunny day. He gets cold easily, however, and because it was quite windy, I suggested he wear a coat. As usual, Kevin and I took him to the BP where we can get a donut and coffee or croissant..  I took along the February issue of British History magazine and read the article about the Royal Navy. Dad has always loved ships, so I knew he would find the article interesting.

We all enjoy reading, so we often sit with each other, drink coffee, and read.  I feel more engaged with my dad when reading to him.  Gus will have to get us more of those 'conversation starter cards.'  :-) British History magazine gives us many varied and interesting articles. I try to pick up the latest issue when we get to the bookstore in Eau Claire. Unfortunately, they don't carry many copies, so sometimes they're all gone by the time I get there.

Kevin engrossed in a newspaper article.

It was such a beautiful day that I decided to push Dad's wheelchair the block back to the nursing home. Kevin drove ahead of us and managed to snap this picture as we were coming up the drive. For some reason, Dad's chair doesn't have those little foot platforms, but he managed to hold his feet up the entire block. Way to go, Dad!! (He is a remarkable man!) 

...and my biggest fan. :-)


Stacey said...

When you said you pushed him back to the Nursing home, I was picturing you pushing him all the way from your house! I was quite impressed with this accomplishment, until I realized you were just talking about a block in TOWN. :D I am too scatter-brained these days!

Judy said...

Speaking of 'pushing,' aren't you supposed to be delivering a baby about now?? C'mon...We're waiting! ;-)

Hugs to you guys. We're praying that all goes well.

Deborah said...

My friend, I think this is my most favorite post ever of your's. I love seeing the photos of your dad and especially you pushing your dad back to the nursing home. Stacey's post was very funny too...but I wouldn't have been surprised had you decided to push your dad further than across the street. :D

Deborah said...

And you are so right, he is a remarkable man (that has a remarkable daughter). :D


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