Monday, April 5, 2010

Over the Weekend

Joe and Courtney. Looking a bit warm and fuzzy.

My dad, Lloyd, with 'the usual' - coffee and a chocolate-covered donut at the BP. Although I can't prove it by this photo, he doesn't look at all like Mr. Magoo in real life. But he was puzzled as to why I would want to take his photo.

Taken on Friday, and already they've grown considerably more! The daffodils. I have several 'spots' of daffodils and can't wait until they're in full bloom!

The prolific Hens and Chicks in garden next to the wee pond.

First signs of rhubarb. I think the only thing I make with my rhubarb are those wonderful bars with rhubarb, strawberry jello, etc. They're worth raising rhubarb! Just ask Angela.

Chives for my potato salad, which Gus loves. And I'll make him some if he comes here from Texas to get it. :-)

Spider on the bathroom wall. This photo taken especially for Dänika, for I knew she would appreciate it. I pondered why it is that I can see a spider and not be bothered, but if a shrew or mouse scurried in... I'm sure it's all my brothers' fault. :-)

Sunday afternoon clouds over field NE of house. Aren't they beautiful!

Clouds over Neighbor Bill's place. Neighbor Bill is no longer of this world, but it will always be 'Neighbor Bill's place' to us.

Misty of spotted-tongue fame. :-)


Deborah said...

I love all of these photos!!! They are wonderful! I would like to point out that Misty is in a post ALL by herself. I know exactly what you will say...'Deb, Misty has had a post all by herself before, this isn't the first'. I know my friend but I get very excited whenever I see Misty as the 'top dog'. (you do know don't you that I will always tease you about Bridger having his own 'world's best dog' photo on the vet's refrigerator). tee hee :D And by the way that spotted tongue is really cute.

Bethany Nash said...

Daffodils! :D

Cranberry Morning said...

Bridger wouldn't be 'World's Best Dog' if Dr. Al knew that Bridger's been spending his free time creating a hot spot on his thigh!! (Bridger's thigh, that is.) :-)

Daffodils are my very favorite. Even those 5" of green, well before the blossoms appear, cheer me to no end!

Anonymous said...


Cranberry Morning said...

I'm assuming you mean the sweet little spider?
or did you mean Bridger's hot spot? ;-)
As predicted, spiders always get a reaction from you. :-)


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