Thursday, April 22, 2010

Needing a Transplant

Tuppence inspected the tomatoes and peppers and decided it was time for a transplant. This is always such a tedious business, but it means that summer really is almost here and it's only a few months until we get wonderful REAL vegetables fresh from the garden.

 I transplanted a few at a time because the sun was pretty hot and I didn't want my little seedlings to die on the spot. While I was kneeling at the wheelbarrow, the postman drove up the drive to deliver my box from Gurney's nursery. I have a deal with Gurneys: they send me six new blueberry plants and I spend the summer and fall killing them. I even pay for this privilege! Sigh! I still dream of getting fresh blueberries from plants in my own garden...

As the postman handed me the box through the open car window, he said, 'Aw, isn't that nice - she's praying to her flowers.'  Yeah, isn't that nice. If I'd been thinking, I would have found some cushion to kneel on, rather than kneeling on the gravel. Anyway, we both got a laugh out of that...but it remains to be seen if get any blueberries out of it.

When I returned to the house, you-know-who were lying on the window seat in our bedroom, next to the open window. It's as close as they get to the outdoors - for their own good. I'm glad they like lying there. I'm hoping that it keeps them away from the sunny east window where my plants are going to live until June 5.

It's always scary at this point, for I wonder how many of these will survive until planting time - about seven weeks from now. They look so happy right now. I hope they enjoy their little lives, no matter how short that may be.


Deborah said...

And I do hope they ALL survive and you don't get the dreaded little nats! :) The cats look so cute sleeping in the window. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks, Deb. I hope they survive too! I am hoping to have lots of tomatoes and peppers! Early Girl and Best Boy tomatoes, Poblano, Jalapeno, and Carmen peppers.

Lionel and Tuppence are all about sunshine and comfort. :-)


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