Friday, April 16, 2010

What in the World??

Each of these objects was found in our backyard today as I was out looking to see if the asparagus was up. It wasn't. We've had such warm temps and a great rain, so I was hopeful. I can't wait to taste that first asparagus of the season!

I'm thinking that Brogan can identify the objects below.

I'm not sure anyone can tell me what this is (below), but it landed in our yard one day and won't go away! I'm afraid it might nest here! If so, I'm taking all the little chicks to Kevin and Stacey's house. ;-)

Finally here, my favorite flower.

I don't expect Brogan to know what these are, but I think they are volunteer parsnips. They're in our parsnip patch from last year and I don't think they're a weed. I can't wait to get fresh parsnips again.

It almost seems like we should be planting our gardens, but we know that these warm temps (72 degrees today) are deceptive. We can still get frost on June 5 or later.

Last, but not least, this cute shot of Brogan on the old tractor. Obviously, this one wasn't taken today.

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Deborah said...

Brogan is so cute and looks like he can find lots of fun at grandma's and grandpa's house. What kid doesn't like living out in the country. (unless you are 16 and from the city) I like the signs of spring and parsnips sound good too. :)


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