Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer's Comin'

Perhaps it's rushing the season a bit, but when I saw these strawberries at Sam's Club, I just had to bring them home. True, they're not the same as the berries ripened on the vine and warmed by the sun, but they do still have that great strawberry taste. Later in the season, I might be a bit pickier. For now, I'm just glad to have strawberries at all!

Unless you're an asparagus lover like me, you just can't imagine how exciting it is to walk out to the asparagus patch and find spears of asparagus that have braved their way through the cold soil. True, there aren't many of them for this first picking, for you can see that I was too impatient to let them grow any longer.

I was always hoping that the children wouldn't like asparagus, for there would be more for me. Unfortunately, every last one of them loves asparagus, just like they all like black olives. I'm not feeling quite so selfish these days, but maybe that's because all but one of the 'kids' have left home. Maybe it's because I didn't give them enough asparagus.

This is my lone tulip, bless it's little tulip heart. As you can see, the leaves are being chewed by something. It's probably the same thing that makes sure that I have no success raising tulips no matter how many bulbs I plant in the fall. How this one escaped certain death is a mystery.

I know...I keep posting photos of the daffodils. But you have to understand - until the flowering crab or lilac or iris bloom, daffodils are the only thing blooming around here (except for that single tulip). They're so brave and faithful and resistant to rodents that are on a mission to sabotage my gardening efforts.

I think this is the last of the daffodils, but the flowering crab comes next. I can't wait!

What are you looking forward to this spring?


Deborah said...

I would have to say EVERYTHING! I am looking forward to everything. (that includes all of the work too.) Nice photos. Love asparagus. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Stay away from my asparagus! (just kidding) :-)
I agree. I love everything about spring too. It's just so good to be going outdoors without a winter jacket and snow boots.


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