Monday, April 26, 2010

Wisconsin Barn - Farm Visit

On Saturday, some of my brother's family arrived from Denver. It is always so much fun to spend time with them!!! A friend had arranged for us to take the kids to see a real dairy farm, and I was also eager to go, for it had been a long time since I was a kid and lived on a real farm - the kind with dairy cows that have names, not just numbers.

The first exciting thing the kids encountered was the kitty, one of about thirty who live in and near the barn. This little tabby is going to be put on a plane next week and flown to a waiting home in Washington State!  Annie lugged that kitty around the entire time we were at the farm. You can see that little Ruby was impressed with the kitty as well!

The owners of this farm were so accommodating, taking time at milking to give us the grand tour of the place, showing us the milking cows, the heifers, and the calves. This was a beautiful farm and reminiscent of my childhood, although we had Holsteins when I was a kid. These are Jerseys, such docile and beautiful creatures, quite a bit smaller than Holsteins, but their milk has a higher butterfat content. The milk from this herd is used to make mozzarella cheese. (Think of Orchid the next time you eat a slice of pizza!)

What a sight! Another cute tabby cat, stretching up to reach the cool water in the cows' drinking cup.

Milking machines. Aren't cows amazing creatures! They calmly stand there morning and evening to give their milk and never go on strike for higher wages. Maybe this photo is an invasion of privacy, but I just think cows are so cool. When I went to take a picture of their udders, my niece asked, 'Why??'  :-)

Annie, getting brave enough to put her hand out to touch the cow.

Kevin, Ruby, and Stess, trying to engage the calves in conversation.

Away in the manger.

Looking out the back door of the barn toward the pasture. What a beautiful view!

Cows in the pasture.

This was a great field trip for the kids, and a fun time of reminiscence for Kevin and me, for both of us grew up on dairy farms. Sadly, there are not many of the small operation farms around any more. The animals on this farm are treated the way they should be - with care and gentleness. You can tell the owners really love their farm and their animals. It was a fine example of good stewardship of God's creation!

I'm wondering how close your connections are to the family farm. Did you grow up on a farm? Have an uncle or aunt or grandpa or grandma or great-grandpa and great-grandma who lived on a farm? or have you never been to a farm? 


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Deborah said...

What a lovely post today. I love it and all the wonderful photos...especially the shot out the back door. I didn't grow up on a farm but for a couple of years we lived on a turkey farm when I was 5 years old. These are the happiest memories from childhood. I used to love to visit my Aunt Ruby Forehand on her farm and play in the hay mow with the kittens. As an adult one of my favorite places to visit is my friend Sandy's farm and my grand-daughter definitely loves it there. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks, Deb. I have fond memories of using a rope to swing from one side of the haymow to the other. And mentioning the kittens reminded me of how many times we found batches of new kittens in the hay! To this day, I love the smell of the animals when you go in a barn. True, I don't love that 'fragrance' lingering on my clothes, but while I'm in the barn, the smell of the hay, the animals, the lime, etc. is awesome!


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