Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visiting the New Baby

Biggest brother, littlest brother. We got to see the new arrival today. Little Glenn Franklin was born last Wednesday the 21st. He is such an alert and cute baby!  Little surprise that the other kids just can't get enough of him.

Every family with a baby needs an Elisabeth to help take care of him. She is a huge help to her mom!

Mother and child. They both look very contented, don't they.

Lydia with important things to do online. I realized later that I didn't get a single shot of Anna. Actually, I think most of the time we were there she was preparing for the SAT to be taken next weekend. This is the time of year when there's so much going on!

If you ever need a house fire put out with a vacuum cleaner hose, this is the man for you! Soren in his firefighter boots, hat, and equipment. I love it when kids take ordinary things and use their imaginations to have fun playing!  Brogan was running around with a digital thermometer in his pocket and a pair of binoculars. I know the thermometer was for a reason, and was some piece of important equipment, but haven't quite figured out what it was supposed to be. Now and then he would pull it out, put it into a place on the binoculars, then check it and put it back. Who knows. But I'm sure it was important!

Glenn and Daddy.

Grandma and Glenn. I think it's my glasses he's most fascinated with.

Grandpa, trying to convince Soren that boots belong on hands, not feet!  I love it when kids have fun with teasing (the nice kind) and enjoy the silliness. I love to hear Soren giggle. It reminds me of his dad when he was little. :-)

Grandpa and Brogan playing the 'catch the quarter' game. Brogan has to hold his hands out and at the count of three, Grandpa drops the quarter. Can Brogan slap his hands together in time to catch it??

Soren getting in on the quarter game too. Fortunately, the boys had fun and didn't just get frustrated!

It was so much fun to spend lunchtime and afternoon with the family. It's a lively and fun household!

Thinking of Soren's vacuum/firefighter hose and Brogan's digital thermometer, how did you use your imagination for play when you were little? Got any specific memories?


Deborah said...

We climbed trees (from which I took my first 'dare' and made forts out in the woods. When it rained we fished as it rained little crayfish down in front of our house. (no lie) We never figured out how that happened but every time it flooded rain we had a ton of crayfish swimming out front. I never used a vacuum though but had I thought of it I am sure I would have come up with a use for it. :)

Heide said...

Congratulations on the new grand-baby! What cute little cheeks!

Our favorite things when we were kids was sheets and clothespins. There was an endless amount of things you could do with them!

Cranberry Morning said...

Deb, I would have loved fishing for crayfish! Sounds like so much fun!

Heidi, sheets and clothespins are still great 'toys' for kids, aren't they. They are useful for tents, trains for wedding dresses and royal garments, etc.

My favorite thing was walking across the country road to the old ruins of a barn. Only the foundation remained, but there was so much cool stuff to play with. We made forts out of the rough openings where the windows had been and collected bits of stuff to stash in our forts! I remember finding the most exciting things - a rusty old curry comb, bits of broken glass, and old cow medicine bottles that had been used in the barn. Oh! And milkweed pods! COOL STUFF!! :-)

Deborah said...

The photos of your new grand baby are wonderful as is all the photos of your family. They are cute and very smart kids (with lots of gifts and talents I might add, like your author grand-daughter.) :D By the way Kevie looks the same as when he was a teen and he is so blessed with a wonderful wife and kids. Time slips by so fast.

Cranberry Morning said...

...and I still love Kevy's giggle. :-)


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