Thursday, April 1, 2010

Encyclopaedia Britannica

This stack of encyclopedias is what's remaining from a set of the New Americanized Encyclopaedia Britannica, published by A.F. Sheldon & Co., Chicago, in 1896. I know that this set was in our home when I was growing up, but am not sure where they came from. It's possible that they were given to us by my great aunts. I remember an odd volume they gave my parents, entitled The Horse and Buggy Doctor. I always thought buggy was an adjective.

What I remember most about the set of encyclopedias is that I was allowed to cut one of them up to use for illustrations for a paper I had to write for my English class - probably in grade 7 or 8. I think the paper was about President Lincoln, so I wanted pictures of Lincoln. Shocking behavior, wasn't that!! I can hardly believe I ever did that. Now I have a hard time throwing out even totally useless books that only litter our shelves and add nothing of literary, monetary, or any other sort of value. Still, it's difficult to throw a book away. CUT IT UP???!!! Shudder!

Here are the encyclopedias in the slightly-greater context of our bedroom, on the headboard of our bed. That lovely jug belonged to Kevin's mother. I love the rather muted colors. On the shelf below are a few of my Civil War books and of course the ubiquitous German Shepherd Dog, given to me by...who else? BOBBY, of course. She knows I love shepherds and is my generous shepherd supplier. :-)

I realize that this was a very disjointed post, starting with the encyclopedias and ending with German Shepherds, but blame that on my operating system. It's affected by coffee.

I bet no one else out there has Civil War books, old encyclopedias, an antique piece of pottery, and a German Shepherd Dog on their headboard!! :-)


Deborah said...

I think that with that last sentence, you win the bet. It is sage to say that no one but you my friend would have that on their headboard. I love the looks of those books. The detail on the covers are so lovely. :) Have a good day. :)

Judy said...


Deborah said...

Okay my friend, I know your blog likes to trick me sometimes after I post. I guess it is because today is April Fools Day. I is fair to say...not it is sage to say. Now it is not that it couldn't have been written 'it is sage' to say if I knew exactly what that meant. :D tee hee

Judy said...

Well, probably either would work. :-) Still, I bet that what you meant to write was 'safe,' and you accidentally hit the 'g' instead of the 'f.'

Deborah said...

Oh...yeah that's what it should have been. Oh boy...good thing you are my keep me moving right along. :D


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