Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bath, Somerset Part II

More photos of Bath Abbey. I thought this was so beautiful. Think of the craftsmanship involved.  And the stones are not just sheets of fake facing stone and the door wasn't purchased at Menards. Sorry. Not that I don't like Menards, (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) and actually do shop there, but there's still nothing like real craftsmanship.

I have another copy of this photo which I doctored in order to 'pick up the trash' and remove it from the photo. Then I decided to show it just as it was - littered with paper. The black Labrador Retriever didn't seem to mind, but to me it was sad that such a beautiful place, especially, would be subjected to the humiliation of litter.

The abbey again.

The view of the courtyard from our B&B window. How would you like that view into your backyard? The B&B we stayed at was a very narrow 3-story building and oozed charm. We loved it. The Henry in Bath.

A corner pub where Angela and I ate supper.

Angela reading Rick Steves' guide book as we waited for our fish'n'chips. (Of course we ordered fish'n'chips. We were in England, weren't we? And it was safe, kinda like kids here ordering a hamburger and fries. Except for the mushy peas sometimes served with it, there's not too much that can go wrong with fish'n'chips - in my limited experience, that is.) Look at the undercroft (?) of this building. What a bomb shelter!

Roman and Medieval Baths

When Kevin and I were in Bath, we were there for an overnight only, for the next morning we took a taxi a few miles from town to rent a car and head for Wells Cathedral and then to our next B&B and three days in the Cirencester area. Cirencester is for another post, and well worth the three days spent there.

Street in Bath.


GlowinGirl said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing about this lovely place. There are so many places I want to visit . . .

Cranberry Morning said...

Me too! and right now, most of them happen to be in England. :-)

partialemptynester said...

Love your pictures!! Oddly enough, my favorite picture is the view from your B&'s not one you'd see in a brochure, it's so personal...I have a similar one from a pension we stayed at in Salzberg (it wasn't the view from our room, though, we'd given the "bigger room", lol, if you could call any of the rooms "big" to our brother and sister-in-law who were still newlyweds at the time ;) We had a view of the street, tho, and we enjoyed people-watching from the window as we sat on our bed, lol!

I stopped over from sugar tails after reading your comment on having lived in Bolivia for a year...too true that living oversees will certainly change a person :)

And I'm in complete agreement with your keeping the goat...sooo great!! I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks. :-)

I love the B&B backyard pic too. It's so medieval looking isn't it! Oddly enough, things around here are considered 'old' by some people if they are from the early 20th century! :-)

Heide said...

Love love love the pictures!! Bath looks like such a facinating place. I really like the view from your B&B too, and the picture of the Bath Abby door. We love Rick Steves too! Have you ever been to the V&A Museum in London? That is on my list of places to go. I love historical costume and the V&A has one of the best collections, but come to think of it, so does Bath!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Heide, believe me, next time we go to Bath, we'll plan on spending more time there! (It is a good place to pick up a rental car, when you want to be able to get around the countryside.)

I have not been to the V&A Museum in London(and it's free admission, by the way) but it is most definitely #1 on my list for next time.

Did you see the movie 'The Young Victoria'?

Heide said...

No, I haven't seen it, but I just put it in my Netflix queue! Looks quite interesting. I did see "Victoria and Albert" though. And one summer I read a huge biography of Queen Victoria! Such an interesting era!

Cranberry Morning said...

How could I have missed Victoria and Albert??!! I'm putting it in my queue today! Thank you!


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